This is an income based supplemental food program providing nutritional education, breastfeeding support, and free food to help pregnant women, new mothers, babies and children get the vitamins and minerals they need for proper growth and development.  Foods available are: infant formula, infant cereal, infant fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, eggs, cereal, 100% fruit juice, peanut butter or dried beans and peas, whole grain products, fruits, vegetables, tuna, and salmon.
  • WIC is not welfare
  • WIC will not reduce your food stamps
  • Even if you are working, you may be eligible for WIC

Formulas approved by the WIC program are:

  • Enfamil Lipil, Enfamil Prosobee, Enfamil AR, Enfamil Gentlease in concentrate or powder.
  • Some other formulas are available with a specific prescription from the doctor.
  • No low iron formula is allowed on the Illinois WIC Program.

Currently a family of four can earn up to $40,793 per year and still be
eligible for the WIC Program.  Income guidelines can change from year to year.  Current income guidelines can be found online at www.wicprogram.org/il-illinois-wic-program.  Once on this website, click on 'WIC program income eligibility'.

For additional information or an appointment:

Phone: 309-734-8368 in Warren County
Phone: 309-627-2423 in Henderson County