Communicable Disease
Communicable and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Henderson County Health Department provides education and follow-up services for TB, AIDS, sexually transmitted disease and other communicable diseases. Additional services for children include TB skin test and childhood immunizations for DTP, Td, Polio, Chicken Pox, MMR, Hib and Hepatitis B. Immunizations are also available for adults. Education presentation on infection control and communicable diseases are available.

Henderson County Health Department offers the following services for tuberculosis prevention and treatment:

  • TB Skin Testing
  • Education
  • Follow-up on Positive Skin Tests
  • Treatment

Henderson County Health Department provides residents with information on the necessary immunizations required for traveling outside the United States. Any immunizations the traveler needs can be given at the health department. Additional information about the country residents will be traveling to can also be obtained from the Illinois Department of Public Health in Springfield.

For additional information about STDs and Communicable Diseases:

Contact: The Communicable Disease Coordinator
Phone: 309-627-2812